Health Benefits


Look at the latest scientific report shows the health benefits of olive leaf for diabetes sufferers.  One of the natural chemical properties in olive leaf is called oleuropein it contains considerable benefits that may aid stopping viruses and bacteria, as well as boosting energy.  The benefits of olive leaf have been known since ancient times, as they were used in the past for treating many ailments, and in some cases, curing severe fevers and malaria.

Antioxidant for viruses and fevers

Oleuropein occurs in olive leaf naturally and is very resistant to insect and bacterial damage, which in turn acts as a natural pesticide protecting the olive tree and keeping the product organic.

European researchers discovered that oleuropein was effective at lowering blood pressure as well as increasing blood flow.  A Dutch researcher found that oleuropein acts as an anti-bacterial by yet another property in it called elenolic acid.

In relation, research conducted in the late 1960's by scientists at major pharmaceutical company Upjohn (known as Pfizer today), showed that elenolic acid was also very effective at inhibiting viruses from growing, including ones that are associated with the common cold of humans (known as the "Rhinovirus").

This study helps solidify that olive leaf tea may act as an anti-viral in humans.

Olive Leaf Tea

Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea


More research about the benefits of olive leaf tea is needed as per green tea, what little has been done suggest that this tea holds future promise.

Arnold Takemoto, a Biochemist, has found that the benefits of olive leaf tea are very effective against some of the more tenacious viruses.  He says that "it fills a hole that we haven't been able to fill before.  It gives us a new, effective tool."  Dr. Phil Selinsky from the Institute for Holistic Studies states that some patients have found a considerable decrease with dental infections.  This study once again helps solidify the anti-bacterial capabilities.

Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea appears to have a health benefit impact for many people. It has been used by the ancients for treating diseases and symptoms of their times as well.

Other benefits include, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, combating yeast and fungal infections, allergies, helps diabetics by lowering blood sugar levels, easing the joint pain of arthritis, fights viruses and plenty more.

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Health Benefits

The health benefits of olive leaf tea are interesting, however the information here should not be taken as any medical advice, or actual preventative or cure for any known health ailment .  There are scientific references to study.